What To Expect

Welcome! We love seeing new patients in our office!

We realize that just walking in the door to the dentist’s office can be a nerve-wracking experience, so here are a few things you need to know about Owensboro Dental Studio before you visit for the first time:

We are not your mother’s dentist

We’re sure your mother – and her dentist – are very fine people, but the world has changed, and so has dentistry. Our friendly front-desk team will welcome you right away and give you an office tour so you can get acquainted. Our coffee bar brings in a touch of home, and we have lavender-scented towels, blankets if you’re cold, comfy neck pillows for support, headphones to block out noise and soothing scenes playing on TVs on the ceiling.

We’re aiming for a spa-like experience, and if you think that sounds strange for a dentist’s office, check out these pictures. We have worked really hard to make you as comfortable as possible, and we’re proud of the results. We also use more technology than past generations ever dreamed of.

Your dental health is our top priority

At your new patient appointment, we will do a comprehensive exam to set you up for long-term dental success. The visit includes all needed x-rays, a full gum exam and a thorough teeth cleaning from our fabulous hygienist. Dr. Aull will examine your x-rays and check every one of your teeth, as well as conduct an oral cancer screening.

If you need more dental treatment, we will put a plan together and you will meet with our treatment coordinator to discuss details, including a schedule of treatment and how your insurance benefits will work. Your health – not the cost – is our top concern, so we can work with you regarding the details. (See below.) If you are in pain, we will treat you as soon as possible.

We only do top-quality work

We take pride in our work, and it shows. We have systems and processes in place to ensure every patient gets our full attention and best treatment. We have been well-trained, we keep up with our continuing education and when we have to use dental labs for treatment, we use only high-quality labs located in the United States.

We’re all about technology

Your past dental experiences may not have been stellar, but today’s technology goes a long way toward erasing those bad memories. Just a couple of examples: our small, intraoral camera lets us take photos inside your mouth, which helps create a better treatment plan. We also use electric drills instead of the traditional air-driven models; the electric version are quieter and more precise for better results. We also use digital x-rays (80% less radiation) and we use dental microscopes, or loupes, to detect small problems before they become big problems. Learn more about our use of technology here.

We want your visit to be affordable

We understand the uncertainty that comes with not knowing how much a visit to the dentist is actually going to cost you, especially if you need a major procedure. In fact, cost is often a top factor in keeping people from going to the dentist. At Owensboro Dental Studio, we believe your dental health is so important that cost should not be a barrier.

We’ll help you determine an estimate up front of what your bill will be, we’re happy to work with your insurance company and we even offer payment options. You will discuss all this in detail with our treatment coordinator at your visit. Life is expensive enough – if you have concerns, just let us know, and we’ll work together to figure it out.

We believe dentistry is an art

Giving someone their smile back is one of the most rewarding experiences we know of, and we can’t get enough of it. We love helping people, and we love first-time patients because we know we are just beginning a lifelong relationship with you. Our promise to you is that we’ll be there anytime you need us. We want to change the way people think about going to the dentist, and we’re starting with you!